A different rally in a new format

Adventure Category

/ 01


professional services


Medical assistance and repatriation insurance OFF ROAD COMPETITION with ramp rescue (helicopter option in case of extreme gravity)

Security and location equipment rental STELA

Support and installation STELA



    • Registration for the test
    • Gps Routes
    • On-track rescue of the bike in case of failure on specials and unloading at the nearest town.
    • Pilot rescue in case of accident and transfer to the nearest hospital.
    • Access to the vibouacs.
    • Access to the awards ceremony.
    • Photos, videos and watermarked reports of the rally


  • Night Marathon Stage in the ERG of Chegaga half board 60€ (Luxury Dinner and Breakfast tent).
  • ROADBOOK  750€.
  • Hotels and half board camps (including camp chegaga) 690€.
      • 1-Hotel 5-star saidia all-inclusive checks.
      • 5-Day hotel and half board camp.
      • 1.-Day 4 stars hotel in layounne half boar.
  • Supplement for single room and tent 200€

VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: this category has limited speed within the specials to 120 kms per hour and the rest of the route to the legislation in force in the Kingdom of Morocco. Failure to comply with the speed limits will result in heavy hourly penalties and even exclusion from the race.

/ 02


In this category


For all categories minimum 150 kms, recommended 180 kms.


(Up to 449 cc)

Enduro or rally bikes with free preparation

M 1 and M 2 will make the complete tour


Speed limit 120 km/h



Enduro rally or trail bikes from 450cc to 701 with free preparation.

M 1 and M 2 will make the complete tour

Speed limit 120 km/h



Motorbike trail and maxitrail

The route will be cut in the technical areas and in the dunes with difficulty  

Speed limit 120 km/h



Motorbikes manufactured before 2000

There will be a route designed specifically for these bikes

Speed limit 120 km/h

This NON COMPETITIVE category is designed for people who do not want the pressure of a time trial

It is open to all types of bikes and riders and the routes will vary depending on the option chosen

The aim is for everyone to enjoy their own adventure while minimising the risks

It is compulsory in this category to go in pairs and you will also have, within the special ones, the medical and rescue service just like the rest of the participants so that you feel safe

You can also participate with your GPS or with a roadbook, being also mandatory the Estela tracking system for your safety so that we know where you are at all times and can help you if necessary

The speed limit will be 120 km/h on specials and the speed limit set by Moroccan law on all other sections

There will also be an option to load your bikes by your assistance team in case the sections are very long or you wish to reserve forces to do the complete specials

You can do the whole route, half of it or just some of it